Jieah Lebanon: A resort experience at Pangea

Jieah Lebanon: A Resort Experience at Pangea

Halfway between the two cities Saiida and Tyre ( Sour) is a resort called Pangea. During the summer months this resort is in full swing as there are multiple swimming pools, play areas, shopping and hair salon, beach houses and other beach facilities as this property is right on the beach.
We visited this resort when the season was just finishing. We were the only people in the whole resort! It was like having our own front desk guys, our own personal housekeeping, and our own breakfast chef with a coffee boy serving only us!

For dinner and other meals we went to the nearby establishments in the neighbourhood. They were all very friendly and kind to us.

I got a sample of falafel to try.

Our suite had a large room with shower and two tubs. One of the tubs was on the veranda. We used this hot tub thoroughly the whole time we were at the resort.

Wine from one of the wineries we visited. It was wonderful.

We had quality time together, resort living!

We really enjoyed our stay at our private resort. It would be an interesting comparison as to how this resort experience would be for us during full season here.
We might come back to try it out sometime soon!


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