Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 1001 Nights Desert Experience

Dubai: 1001 Nights Desert Experience

During our stay in Dubai we found a fun evening deal with a groupon scheme. For US $20 each we would be taken out to the desert ( the desert tent arena was in Sharjah region ) where we would experience a sand dune ride. (When I lived in the Arab Gulf my local friends would take me out to the desert and we would crazily drive up the mountains of sand in their Landrover slipping and sliding around.)  I thought it would be fun to experience something like that again.
After the sand dune ride, we would be taken to a large tented area in the desert to ride a camel, see a bellydancing show and a fire breathing man doing a fire dance, as well as smoke the sheesha (hooka) pipe and a buffet dinner. We would be returned to the hotel after the event finished.

The event was purely made for tourists, and probably would be an amazing event especially for people visiting the Arab Gulf or even the Middle East for the first time.

                                                          firebreathing and fire dance man

 Camel ride.  We saw the poor camel needing to arduously get up and down and walk in a circle for so many of the tourists in the group that I felt pity for the animal. ( I had ridden camels many times when I lived in the Gulf as well as around Egypt's pyramids years ago). we decided not to tire the animal further but rather take photos next to it.

Sheesha smoking. I found this fun and amusing and worth it. To order a sheesha in other places alone is around US $10.

Almost immediately after we finished eating our buffet dinner and the entertainment show finished we were immediately ushered out adn back to the van to return back to our hotel in Dubai. I appreciated this as I didn't want to just linger around: we had still a distance to drive back to Dubai.

All the staff was very attentive, and many of them were very handsome and charming!

A nice evening out for $20, but if we had to pay the prices which were being offered in the brochures or the "rack rate" it would be rather disappointing all in all.


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