TYRE Lebanon

Tyre (Sor) Lebanon is an ancient city in the south. This city has a different energy than Beirut or Saiida. In the summer holidays it is a beach town with busy holidaymakers.
We stayed in the old section of the city with narrow alley streets and were put to sleep each night by the sea which was a stone's throw from our balcony window.

There are historic ruins from the Phonicians,  Romans, Egyptians which are under the sea today. It was very interesting to experience it all!
(Taking a boat ride with a local fisherman he stopped purpousfully in the sea to show us ruins of ancient columns from the Egyptian era still)

We also met fun and interesting people whilst going on a search for our dinners in the city.

We experienced local wines made in Lebanon and elsewhere in the wine producing regions. The owner of the pub was very knowledgable.

We stayed at a fabulous boutique hotel right on the sea. It was meticulously decorated and attention to detail in the rooms. We enjoyed our balcony every night and morning. The breakfast was served in the restaurant which was right on the sea.

This part of the city ( Christian quarter) had so many statues that it was competing with the Vatican!

I was amused by the wiring here. Sometimes I feel my brain is wired like this.

I really enjoyed wandering in the old souqs area
of the city as this is a city I will definitely come back to visit again.


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